Simon Koster

Simon Koster
JDS Development Group

Simon Koster is a Principal at JDS Development Group, an innovative real estate development, construction, and acquisition firm responsible for the creation of top-tier residential, hospitality, and mixed-use projects in New York City and Miami.

Koster brings his unique engineering background and leadership to oversee development planning, design, coordination, and construction management teams across all JDS projects. Focused on teaching, Koster builds people and teams who can build skyscrapers, ever a herculcean effort. His philosophy is to push design boundaries through rigorous process and by aligning incentives to bring forth a superlative product, regardless of sector.

Koster has established a track record of contributing to the conception, design, research, construction and operation of tall buildings. This includes three supertall structures: 111 West 57th Street, 9 DeKalb, 247 Cherry Street. Two of these projects are imbedded in New York City landmarks, representing a challenging new paradigm: the combination of a landmark and supertall. Finally, 247 Cherry Street represents a unique approach to the future of affordable housing.

Koster graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Materials Engineering, and the University of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to leading JDS, Koster gained invaluable experience working in research with Rutgers University, the United States Navy, the University of Michigan, and ExxonMobil. As a result, he is deeply familiar with fundamental scientific methods, writing, patents, and critical analysis.