Janno Lieber

Janno Lieber
Chief Development Officer

John (“Janno”) Lieber was appointed Chief Development Officer of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in May 2017. Reporting to theChairman of the MTA, Mr. Lieber oversees the agency’s mega-projects, including East Side Access, the second phase of the Second Avenue Subway and the Third Track expansion of the Long Island Rail Road main line. He is also responsible for upgrading the MTA’s project management capacity and for integrating real estate planning and economic development into MTA infrastructure projects.

From 2003 to 2017, Mr. Lieber served as President of World Trade Center Properties LLC, where he was responsible for managing all aspects of the Silverstein organization’s efforts to rebuild at the World Trade Center site, including planning, design and construction issues; business, financing and legal matters; and public affairs, government and community relations. Today the World Trade Center has been reborn as a vibrant office, retail and transportation hub, as well as an important piece of New York’s history, attracting millions of visitors annually.

Mr. Lieber previously served as Senior Vice President of the Lawrence Ruben Company and as an independent consultant specializing in public-private development issues. During the Clinton Administration, Mr. Lieber worked at the U.S. Department of Transportation, finishing as Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Lieberpracticed law and served in the office of New York City Mayor EdKoch and on the staff of The New Republic magazine.

Also active in civic affairs, Mr. Lieber has served on the boards of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, The Trust for Governors Island, St. Ann’s Warehouse, The Alliance for Downtown New York,and Project DOROT.