Avi Schron

Avi Schron
Executive Vice President
Cammeby’s International

Avi Schron is a native New Yorker, who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and children.

Avi is an Executive Vice President who has worked in the Schron family real estate business as an owner, operator and manager for more than 20 years under the umbrella Cammeby’s International Ltd., which is located in lower Manhattan. The Schron holdings are located throughout the country and overseas, with most properties, both residential and commercial, being located in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area.

In addition to working in real estate, Avi is involved with many local, national and international charities, both secular and religious, and is highly respected in those communities where he works towards those endeavors.

Likewise, Avi oversees family investments in other than real estate; oversees the Cammeby’s IT Department; and oversees all Cammeby’s personnel located in the New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut offices.