8:00 AM

Registration, Networking Breakfast & Exhibit Hall Opens

Join us early for the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and network with fellow developers, architects, engineers and construction firms.

8:45 AM

Opening Remarks

8:50 AM

General Session

Morning Keynote: Developing Place and Opportunities

A champion for livable communities, Jonathan Rose develops large-scale projects that take vital elements into consideration. They include affordable and mixed-income housing, access to health, cultural and educational amenities, as well as easy access to parks and mass transit. Several projects are under constructions around the country and in New York City.

Jonathan Rose

Jonathan F.P. Rose
Jonathan Rose Companies

9:25 AM

General Session

Building a Better New York

In this special presentation, Ali Chaudhry, Deputy Secretary for Transportation for the Office of the Governor of New York, will present an overview of New York infrastructure projects, public-private partnerships, challenges, and opportunities. Chaudhry will also describe newest legislation and cutting-edge solutions that will continue to create more opportunities.

Ali Chaudhry

Ali Chaudhry
Deputy Secretary for Transportation
Office of the Governor New York

9:45 AM

General Session

Against the Odds: Making it Happen in Construction & Development Today

The construction industry is in a state of flux–changing policies, new regulations for safety and environmental factors, ever-rising costs for supplies and demand for a steady workforce. How do you keep afloat? This is not a static industry and you must be ready and willing to implement change to stay on top of your game. How do you plan to attract and retain a talented workforce? For an industry that’s ripe for “disruption,” what innovations can help streamline your process to save time, money and create a safer environment?

  • A DOB Primer: What you need to know about NYC’s newest regulations
  • The Workforce Dilemma: Attracting and keeping your workforce
  • Play Well with Others: Construction collaboration is on the rise
  • Welcome the Disruption: Discover the tools that are most essential and easily implemented

10:35 AM

Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Networking Break

11:05 AM

Concurrent Session A

Micro, Flexible & Self-Sufficient: Creative Design & Engineering Approaches for Urban Trends

The market will be inundated with a wave of residential units as well as office and retail spaces to lease. In a constantly evolving city, this obviously doesn’t mean a halt in development. But, it does mean a shift in design and engineering that requires insight into future trends as well as serious consideration of a post-Sandy New York. Learn from the industry leaders whose developments not only mix residential, retail, public space, and office but also incorporate resiliency, connectivity, and a changing culture.

  • Building the Microcity: If you build it, they will come–and may never want to leave
  • Everything and the Kitchen Sink: The wants and needs of a new generation of city dwellers
  • In the Twilight Zone: With the oncoming mix of retail, office and residential, is zoning keeping up with the changes?
  • Take It to the Limit: The design initiatives of developments on the fringes of the boroughs

11:05 AM

Concurrent Session B

Strategies for Financing in a New Era: Borrower & Lender Perspectives

As lenders become more wary of loans for new construction, owners and developers must seek out new and creative ways to finance the projects. In today’s market, are firms looking to go back to basics or are they looking to invest in the next big trend? What are the strategies to landing a deal to finance your next project? What can you learn from recent transactions?

  • How it Happened: Projects further out from city centers are finding funding
  • I’ll be Your Private Lender: The key factors in developments that entice lenders
  • The Buddy System: Partnerships are on the rise
  • The DC Report: Updates on recent policy changes and what it means

11:05 AM

Concurrent Session C

AIA Contract Documents: Updates and Negotiation Strategies

11:50 AM

Concurrent Session A

Recycle, Redevelop, Re-Purpose: Smart Strategies for Maximizing ROI of Existing Buildings

Reworking existing buildings is often the best use of investment dollars. Whether newly acquired or a long term part of your existing portfolio, redeveloping aging structures requires making tough decisions and smart planning choices to maximize the value of the property in market where tenants have a lot of choice. What are the existing best practices and emerging strategies for maximizing the return on reworking properties?

  • Get Smart, Go Big: Recent advances in smart building and big data, and what it’s telling us
  • Know Thy Customer: How to avoid making mistakes and bad bets that don’t resonate
  • Cutting Edge: Emerging design strategies to consider in your next re-development project
  • Cost Conscious: Best practices for managing labor cost headaches

11:50 AM

Concurrent Session B

Infrastructure Now: Understanding New York’s Needs in the Modern Era

By 2040, New York City will be home to 9 million residents. How will New York’s infrastructure withstand this increase? How will the masses get into or traverse the city? The need to upgrade our aging infrastructure has never been more obvious or dire. What will the available opportunities be for development and construction professionals? Hear more about proposed solutions and how to take part in the multi-billion upgrades.

  • Real World Examples: Understanding current projects and how they got off the ground
  • Public-Private Relationships: Successful Practices in making projects a reality
  • The Design-Build Option: New legislation makes it a more viable solution
  • The Great Debate: Politics matter in development and construction

12:30 PM

Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Networking Lunch

1:15 PM

General Session

Special Fireside Chat with Richard and Jon Kalikow

Jay Neveloff

Jay Neveloff
Partner & Chair – Real Estate
Kramer Levin

Richard Kalikow

N. Richard Kalikow
Chairman & CEO
Gamma Real Estate

Jon Kalikow

Jon Kalikow
Gamma Real Estate

2:15 PM

General Session

Afternoon Keynote: Taking New York City to New Heights

Marc Holliday, CEO of SL Green, New York City’s largest owner of commercial office properties, will participate in an exclusive discussion with Dick Anderson, the former President of the NY Building Congress. Holliday’s current project, 1 Vanderbilt, when completed will be the tallest skyscraper in Midtown and will improve access to Grand Central and the NYC subways.

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson
RTA Advisory Services

Marc Holiday

Marc Holliday
Chief Executive Officer
SL Green Realty

2:45 PM

Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Networking Reception